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New Versus Pre-Owned Homes

When setting out on their house search, some homebuyers question whether to buy a new or pre-owned home. However, the quality of a pre-owned home cannot compare to today’s newly-built homes, thanks to their superior building materials, innovative construction techniques and focus on energy efficiency. These factors help to save the homeowner money both now and in the future, which can make the dream of owning a brand new home more cost-effective than buying a pre-owned house.

New homes offer fresh designs and floorplans, as well as better energy efficiency, higher-quality building materials and the newest construction techniques.

Find out why newly-built homes are the preferred option throughout Texas:

Energy efficiency. At Horizon Homes, our new homes feature industry-leading HVAC systems and radiant barrier roof decking, high-performance windows, superior thermal, water, and gas systems, and more. Every home we build is inspected and certified by an independent third-party rating provider that specializes in energy efficiency, so our homeowners can feel confident that their home is as efficient as possible. These steps ensure that a new Horizon home is far more energy efficient than other homes built even just a few years ago.

Updating a pre-owned home does not achieve the same level of energy efficiency as a new home, due to recent significant advancements in building science, systems and materials. Thanks to these superior materials and techniques, Horizon customers enjoy a higher level of comfort and cost savings than a pre-owned home could ever provide.

Lower cost of ownership. Although the purchase price of a pre-owned house is sometimes lower than a new home, building your own home can actually provide a lower cost of ownership overall. New homes have almost no maintenance requirements for many years after they are constructed, and most imperfections are covered by the builder’s warranty and service agreements. Pre-owned homes do not enjoy this advantage, and maintenance can easily become overwhelming.

Buying a new home allows you to enjoy open, more modern floorplans.

Older homes are also in constant need of painting, flooring and roofing replacement, kitchen appliance replacement, plumbing, heating and air, and other expensive updates. With a new Horizon home, you can enjoy the benefit of all new materials.

Durability. With a newly-built Horizon home, you can rest assured that you are buying a durable, well-constructed home that is meant to last. We use industry-leading materials and products and the most advanced modern construction techniques to create homes that will stand the test of time—which cannot be said of many pre-owned homes.

Fresh designs. Many pre-owned homes in Texas look very similar. And when you buy an older home, you will likely be stuck with the style that our market has used for decades. But with a newly-built Horizon Home, you will enjoy fresh architectural designs and beautiful details such as an expansive front porch, Cottage or Craftsman touches, wide open kitchens, as well as brand new appliances and technology, and floor plans designed for modern living.

Customized for your style. It requires a lot of time and money to make a pre-owned home feel like your own. However, a newly-build Horizon home is already customized for your unique style, with the floor plan, custom colors, finish work and other personal touches that you know will suit your family best. 

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