Horizon Homes

Efficiency and Savings

We treat every home as a “system of systems”—including construction materials, electricity, windows and more—which make up the entire structure. When these systems work well together, the result is a thoughtfully-designed, energy-efficient home. From the design phase on, Horizon homes are crafted with energy efficiency in mind. Our approach not only keeps you and your family more comfortable, but also saves you money and shrinks your environmental footprint.

Energy-efficient windows keep heat and cold outside, and even help prevent furniture from fading.


Top to bottom, our homes include a range of features to make them more energy efficient, including their brick construction, radiant-barrier roof decking, fresh air ventilation system, CFL can lighting, high-efficiency water heaters and more.

Smarter technology

Your home’s central heat and air conditioning use up to three times as much energy as your other appliances. Our homes include Trane® 14 SEER energy-saving AC and heating equipment, with multiple air returns to balance the temperature throughout the home. A Wi-Fi-enabled and touchpad-controlled Honeywell programmable thermostat provides even greater energy- and cost-savings by enabling you to automatically adjust the temperature throughout the day and night.

Energy-efficient windows

Every Horizon home features state-of-the-art vinyl windows with double-pane Low-E glass, which insulate your home from heat and cold to minimize your energy costs, year round. Our windows also reduce exterior sound and filter out ultraviolet light to protect your furniture from fading.

Rigorous testing

All Horizon homes are extensively tested to ensure they meet our high standards for energy efficiency. Each system in your home is carefully inspected and tested by an independent third-party rating provider to ensure it exceeds the International Energy Conservation Code using a nationally-recognized, industry-standard index for energy efficiency, called the Home Energy Rating System (HERS).

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